Hello everyone. My name is King-Galaxius Stravinsky. I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you who took the time to visit my blog. This blog is about almost anything and everything in life. Usually, the topics covered here are about what I think about(even if it is a joke I made up).
Whatever information you may find useful in my blog, the information comes from either personal experience, information from other sources, or something I come out with myself.
This blog is vulgar, as honest as possible, and creative at times. Your honest opinions and comments are welcome.

Additionally, here is a little more information about myself:

« Abracadabra”, I King-Galaxius Riggoletto-Vladmir Stravinsky, was born August 1st, 1975 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Partially growing up in Los Angeles, California, I expected to mostly see buffalo and teepees. Too many John Wayne Westerns. Later on, it was dirty rivers, dirty grass, and boring people. That’s what I mostly got to see.

Being a human being is not only awesome, just standing here breathing is a wonder. This statement is not a blunder.

California is the state where mother Virginia Elaine Lee is from and was born in the wonderful city of Vallejo. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Oh. Day-ay-ay-yo!

Daughter Santana is a beautiful and fun-loving child. She’s also bright and quiet. Thank God she doesn’t act wild.

Every now and then I remind myself that since life is too short, live life to the fullest, live it up, and without regrets. Life is definitely not a bowl of cherries. Every now and then you’ll get the pits.

Festinalente decribes my pace in emergency situations, because not only do I hate emergencies, I hope not to freak out when one arises. I hate bad surprises.

Gesundheit I wish for everyone!

Hugs can go a long way, especially after a terrible day. Hope is an important part of life, especially when situations look bleak. Who are truly considered « meek »?

I love fashion, make-up, into long hair styles, love life because it is precious and beautiful, love to go to high class events where there are fun and interesting things to do, love music, write songs, dressing up, attending formal functions where dress codes are strictly enforced, theater,puppet shows, operas, going on fun outings with favored family members, and like to be entertained by others. I bet you are thinking, « Oh, brother! »

Jokes aside, I’m definitely not a stand-up comedienne, or I’d be doing that right now in this horrible economy. Improvement is what it needs to be.

Karma I don’t believe in. Last year I just remembered that my first boyfriend’s name was Steven.

Leo Lee, my father from Muskogee, Oklahoma, passed away May 2011. I’m not sure if he went to heaven.

Magniloquent is what I hope not to be. I’ve just got to be me.

Numerous things I like to do include: Drawing, painting, love to act, model, write and perform poetry, travel, sight-see, play a variety of sports, horse play around, watch movies, eat, and socialize at times. Now, how do you like my rhyme?

Obstinate is one of my characteristics. On rare occasion I’ve been a ventriloquist and clown. When I never got paid by my employer, my pockets were empty and I felt down, down, down.

Poetry is a passion and a very important part of my life. It has been used by many as a creative outlet, even when one goes through strife.

Quadragenarian has not yet been reached. Hopefully, when I get there, life will be like vacationing on a beach.

Raunchy and raw are two things that can be described as the kind of material I sometimes write. Maybe even a little controversial. My stomach is a little paunchy.

Sisters include: Shawne, Olivette Lee, and Amber Johnson. Last but not least, I have one baby brother named Bohman Lee. Along with my grandmommy Virgie, this almost completes my immediate family.

To a certain point, knowledge is stimulating. On occasion I like to win at bingo, win big stuffed animals at carnivals,etc., like fun competition where everyone wins, game of charades, board games, computer mystery object games, sudoku, and like to learn new things that are fun and interesting. I even like wearing costume jewelry that has lots of « bling ».

Unctuous I don’t like the opposite sex to be. Just plain nice, simple, and very predictable. Yes, that’s me.

Vibrato sounds beautiful in a song when the singer is very talented and sings well. It’s way past time for me to have singing lessons. The cologne called Usher is what I like to wear and smell.

Wiseacre is what I’d like to be some day. Writing and art above all is a universal language in itself. Let it pave the way.

Xylophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, recorder, auto harp, and ucolaylee are some of the instruments I used to play. Practice makes perfect I’ve always heard people say. However, indeed if you don’t continue to play, your talents will fade away. It’s a sad thing to see. That’s what happened to me.

Yenta is part of who I am. Some day I’d like to go to the Swiss Alps, stand on top of the biggest hill, yodel, and sing the words « Yahoo » and « Ricola ». You know-a?

Zootz is another characteristic that describes me. Thank you everyone who have read my biopgraphy from A to Z. »

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