Motel 6: What the Fuck??!!!

Motel  6     What the Fuck?


This past weekend I spent the night at a Motel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many thoughts came into my mind before I checked in, and after I arrived there. Of course, once I made my reservation I became giddy with excitement because of my curiosity about their new location.

I stayed at their old location before, too. The now relocated Motel 6 really knocked me for a loop. The price used to be thirty some odd dollars per night. I had to pay $44.99 plus tax, which ended up costing me a whopping $51.00 and some change! I was like, fuck! What the fuck??!!

Back in the 1990’s and possibly before, Motel 6 had a reputation for being the top place for couples to go « fuck without being over charged for the buck ». The price used to be $31.00 a night. A lot of Motel 6’s main clients (I was told) were military guys who came to bang their hoes or bang their sweet hearts and use them like hoes for the night. One thing I must say that is special about Motel 6: They NEVER forget about God.

That nice big Gideon bible is found in every room drawer. Back in the 1990’s, Motel 6’s rooms also were often decent looking. However, whether it be the 1990’s or 3000’s, cigarette smokers can really fuck up people’s property. I’m talking about motel rooms especially.

The older Motel 6 location was O.K. (last year). This new one: What, what??!!!! I had to do a double take on this one. I swear, my head almost turned 360 degrees, like an owl. I was that shocked. The lobby area where the staff works(at the counter) looked O.K. There is a flat screen television that looks O.K. Now, the couch…Aw, shit. It was a caramel brown pleather couch and love seat set that is old and raggedy as hell!!!!

All of the furniture is old. And, when I finally brought my tired ass upstairs, when I woke up the next morning, the towel rack in the bathroom fell down because it was so fucked up. The screws still remained with the clean, unused towel still dangling!

Before leaving my room, I stripped the bed down and swore I smelled old piss. Usually, before I leave every hotel I strip all linens because they should be washed every day and this is a habit of mine that was taught to me. I used to help a job coach (who helped her M.R. client during training) do housekeeping for a local motel.

I briefly passed the pool area. However, I usually do not go swimming. The curtains were not closing all the way. The middle part was a white sheer curtain. Because of this, I was not able to walk around in the privacy of my room naked. Upon my departure I didn’t even hear any vacuum running across the floors of any adjoining rooms.

My question to Motel 6 owners is this: What in the fuck is wrong with you guys? Not only are you guys constantly going up in prices, you are disrespecting paying customers by providing dirty and raggedy furniture and shit! What a fucking slap in the face! Do you know what message this says to everyone?

It basically says, »Here customers, you are worth NOTHING. YOU ARE WORTH NOTHING BUT SHIT. As a result, that is all you guys deserve. We’re not doing shit, but we take your money, make more money with your money, hope you are too stoned and/or drunk to notice how fucking raggedy we are, and  have the right to hike up prices. By the way, take a dunk in our indoor pool. We hope you don’t drown, because there is no life guard. Thanks for staying at Motel 6, you pieces of shit!!!!!!!!!! »

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