The Hottest Flavors of the Summer

Well, everybody summer is here and it has been hot like that. One thing to do to help keep yourselves cool during the heat besides stay out of the heat is to ingest something cool or cold. To me, there is nothing better than drinking slushes or eating some delicious ice cream. This entry is all about ice cream and more. I want to share … Continuer de lire The Hottest Flavors of the Summer

New Dating Links!!!

Hello everyone!!! Come one! Come all! Here are the very much anticipated dating, matchmaking, destiny love links, erotic links, gay dating links, and then some!!! For everyone s happiness, no more loneliness, and good times, here are links for you guys. It’s all about love and more. Check out:   Enjoy!!!!!!! And, happy hunting!!!! Continuer de lire New Dating Links!!!

Llewelyn’s Crows (A Poetic Story Series)

I  Cannot (A Historical Fictitious Poem) There are so many emotions to feel, yet not enough words to express them. Only a few escaped to the surface. The rest are so deep that they flow like a neverending river that some want to enter and take a swim. My present life is the way it is due to a horrible twist of fate, because of … Continuer de lire Llewelyn’s Crows (A Poetic Story Series)