Today’s Unknown Fact

Oscar the grouch is a character on the show called Sesame Street. He is also from the species called: monster, who is homeless and lives in a trash can. Definitely do not try to « dumpster dive » in this particular trash can on Sesame Street. This includes: children who want to dig in the trash to find « lost treasure ». I’m sure that if he were human … Continuer de lire Today’s Unknown Fact

Chinese Fried Bread Ideas

Months ago, I had a shitty time at the newly relocated Motel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During my stay there, I called a place (via telephone) that used to be Called Cowboy Sharky’s. This place is now closed. Now it is called Pizza Depot and they serve the best « shark bites » in the world. However, when I called them this last time, a female (I … Continuer de lire Chinese Fried Bread Ideas

Insecure Writers Group: Sound Off #5

I am almost finished with helping people around the world by writing advice to choose from, concerning whatever dilemma they are having. Through social media I have offered over thirty thousand people free downloads of my ebook titled T.O.E. (Theory of Espionage). This can be found by clicking the title Free ebook Giveaway on this blog of mine. It is free from now until whenever. … Continuer de lire Insecure Writers Group: Sound Off #5

The New Basketball League!

Look out everyone! There is a new league in town! It is the M.G.B.A.(Mixed Gender Basketball Association)!There is the NBA and WNBA already. Now, rumored to start in the fall, women and men will be playing professional basketball together. I read this in Jet Magazine last month. I know this is a little off subject, but can you imagine women and men boxing against one … Continuer de lire The New Basketball League!