The Golden Egg

Look out fertility clinics! There is a new place set up in an area near you by a celebrity. Guess who? This new fertility clinic is owned by none other than Sylvester Stallone’s mom Jacqueline Stallone! Because of this lady and her genius ideas, women will now have the opportunity to give birth to children whose eggs have been fertilized by famous celebrity men! Ladies, … Continuer de lire The Golden Egg

Breaking Down McDonalds

For a little while I have been sitting down wondering how to begin my first sentence concerning this topic. For over ten years(in between visiting family in Texas) I have had problems getting a shake at McDonalds. This is in the DFW area, too(Dallas/Fort Worth). The DFW area consist of cities in between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Cities such as: Arlington, Irving, and Grand … Continuer de lire Breaking Down McDonalds

Game of Clues

Real Life Game of Clues: Detective Exercise Number 1 To those who can solve this real life scenario, you get a free copy of two childrens books(A Dot’s Adventure and Who’s My Daddy?), a novel, and an entertainment opinion guide(Rock Your Cock: An Opinion Guide for Gold Digger Victims). There will be ten winners(first ten who guess this correctly). Here is your clue to solve: … Continuer de lire Game of Clues

Insecure Writer Support Group: Sound Off!!!

Well, this is another entry concerning The Insecure Writer. This month is all about promotions. In the weeks ahead I will be listing people’s business information as a way of saying thank you for helping me along the way. One entry will be called The Amen Corner. That listing deals with churches and/or church members. I think I have a lot of stuff to add … Continuer de lire Insecure Writer Support Group: Sound Off!!!

Royalty In Mind

The whole world has watched this young lady in particular grow into the number one sex kitten. Her beauty outshines most of Hollywood’s starlets. And, when standing alongside her dates, they end up looking like trailer trash or the common « guy next door ». Ladies and gentlemen…………… Miss Paris Hilton, one of the world’s most beautiful heiresses ever! Her beauty is ranked high on the same … Continuer de lire Royalty In Mind