Malibu Barbie

« Malibu Barbie » just released her new CD last year. For all of you guys who do not know this multitalented doll of a gal, it’s Paris Hilton everybody! The much anticipated  CD from her came out last year (I think). Two of Paris’ s songs are « Last Night » and « Good Time ». Both songs feature Lil’ Wayne . This is a fun sounding song. Paris has … Continuer de lire Malibu Barbie

Twerk Alert!

Welp!  The « twerk » ho is still on the loose. She has twerked in the grocery store,  On Martin Luther King, Jr.’s gravesite (I heard), in a « blue man group » costume, and in other locations. I have yet to see her twerk on Youtube on Hugh Hefner, on a police officer (while he’s in uniform and on duty), with Hugh Grant, at the white house, with … Continuer de lire Twerk Alert!


I just had a strange thought last night. Ebay was on my mind. Then I began thinking about what I need to do with myself concerning my health and beauty enhancements. I think that people should be given the opportunity to bid on medical/cosmetic procedures for outstanding cheap prices by bidding for them on sites like Ebay! Ofcourse the procedures would be performed by licensed … Continuer de lire Sold!

The Rusty Nail

Is it me? Or, has anyone noticed that eventhough children still have only a few public places to play at (where people pay to play, like Cuck E. Cheese, Dave n’ Busters, etc.), the elderly don’t have fun places to play at at all such as the examples above that are age appropriate. Sure there is bingo, casinos, strip clubs, and local YMCA’s. However, there … Continuer de lire The Rusty Nail

The Insecure Writer Group: Sound Off! 2014

Happy new year everyone! It is a new day and new year. 2014 is « the year » for millions of people. I had two special years in my lifetime. And, a number of « special moments » , including a few magical moments. My « year », which was was my first special year was right at the turn of the century. The year 1999 set it off for me … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer Group: Sound Off! 2014