Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

For the past two days I have been enjoying watching the Black Eyed Peas video I’mma Be (Rockin That Body). After rockin to the song and enjoying the beats + lyrics, an idea began to form: Netflix and shit is really successful. However, a person like me uses the android for numerous purposes. This motherfucker of mine is a T.V. set on the go for … Continuer de lire Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Cold Case Games

You know, I was really thinking about that Malaysian plane that no one can seem to find.Unsolved cases piss me off.So, last week I came up with this idea. There should be a T.V. that is an actual contest dealing with unsolved, kidnapping, and cold cases. This contest should involve the best investigators, government agencies, and specialists from around the world. Teams of so many … Continuer de lire Cold Case Games

Shitty Fingers: A Tale of Some of the Most Fucked Up Bathrooms of Businesses

Initialement publié sur The Blog of King-Galaxius :
On the eve of Easter, I had an emergency. I mean I really had to to go. So, I decided to go to a small convenience store in Irving, Texas. I asked the cashier where the bathroom was. After they pointed to the left of the store, I hurried to the bathroom to take a dump. Once I… Continuer de lire Shitty Fingers: A Tale of Some of the Most Fucked Up Bathrooms of Businesses

On the Road With YouTube

Three days ago I was sitting in the car waiting to pick my daughter up. While we were waiting,  I decided to browse YouTube on the android phone.  I finally found who sang this song with Lil Wayne who has a background beat that sounds like it came from an Atari game. Some of the lyrics say « booty » and « make it tooty. » Well, my mom … Continuer de lire On the Road With YouTube