Walking With Cadillac

There is a saying, « You have to crawl before you walk. » I did that and I hate it. I want to run! Right now I cannot. I walk instead. So, as long as I am walking, I’d rather walk in a pair of Cadillac shoes (made by the makers of the Cadillac car). When I don’t drive, I cruise in a pair of Cadillac shoes, … Continuer de lire Walking With Cadillac

Jack In the Box

Man, I am currently watching Maury. I just watched this couple who never should have been a couple in the first place. There was this one fat lady who looked like she should have been in a Barnum and Bailey show. When she smiled she looked like a killer clown. The show was about another « I’m not the daddy » episode. The accused daddy was even … Continuer de lire Jack In the Box

No Respect!

It is Mother’s Day.  The day is still young. Today I found out that there are a lot of business out there that do not honor mothers by having discounts or specials. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Grandys, Popeyes, and multitudes of businesses are not participating! I looked on the website dfwareamoms.com. It said on this site that Grandys is offering free meals on Mother’s Day. As … Continuer de lire No Respect!


Cinco de Mayo was truly fucked up. I didn’t see a single person partying or anything. I did not hear a gunshot, firecracker, Speedy Gonzales sounding yelling or anything. However, during the weekend a lot of people bought beer. Never in my life have I seen a horrible Cinco de Mayo! Santa Monica really does that shit up, man! My daughter was born on Cinco … Continuer de lire Ole!