Rock Steady

20140509_181651Tensions ran high in the town of Kismayo, Somalia as the bell tolled at 12:00 noon. After the tolling of the bell, the song « Rock Around the Clock » was heard everywhere,  even from around every corner of the entire city.

This meant that someone was going to get rocked (stoned) every hour around the clock. Most of the town’s female citizens were in a panic. Too many people were going to get rocked in one day.

But, it was the law. No one knew who was going to get rocked until they noticed that their loved ones had not returned from the local market.

Each victim (which was a lady) carried one giant basket of food with a gift for each of their loved ones. This symbolized that this was going to be the last meal and gift from their loved one, before departing from the land of the living.

Each woman was given the option to leave a gift for the culprit that was responsible for the rocking. Only one woman left a gift for her culprit. She was getting rocked because her husband was not satisfied with the meal that she cooked for him the day before. This very same woman named Aishah Ra had a gift for her husband that was made by an African witch doctor.

She began laughing hysterically as each and every woman approached the middle of the town square. There were twenty four women all together who were going to be stoned.

All of the women were then told by the executioners who were responsible for their stoning this very day. One by one, each woman began to cry, scream, and make clucking sounds like chickens. That is, every woman except for Aishah. Before this day, Aishah Ra was notified by an udjat, who let her know that it was her very own husband who was responsible for her stoning.

After this meeting with the udjat, it then became Aisha’s mission to make sure that every woman who was supposed to be rocked remained standing.

And, those who were responsible for the stoning, were to cease breathing. Fastforward to execution day. Once all of the women were assembled like so in the middle of the town square,  the town leader Abdul Azeem began to play the song « Rock Around the Clock », again.

Again, citizens of this town heard the sound everywhere. It was now 2:00 P.M. The stoning began as the song played on. Ten seconds went by. There was piercing screams that could not be heard due to the loud blaring of the song, which drowned out each and every woman’s cries. All of a sudden there was a dead silence from the crowd of male onlookers who were responsible for these women’s executions.

Every male in the onlooker crowd then dropped dead. The stones were no longer thrown because the executioners died, also. The women then screamed and clicked and clacked their tongues in glee. It took five hours to get out of their holes that were dug.

After this,  Aisha Ra then instructed the woman to gather the new corpses, swap clothes with the corpses to conceal their identities, return to their children, and escape the town with their children at midnight to Estonia, where freedom awaited.
At 10:00 A.M. the next day in Mr. Labib’s class (third period), and in every classroom, a siren was heard via intercom from the principal’s office.
There was a moment of terror that ran through each and every child. It was time to rock somebody. No one knew who it was going to be, until everyone was seated in the school auditorium.
It was going to be someone that one or more of these students knew and/or possibly loved. It was going to possibly be someone’s grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, teacher, or just someone in general.
A lot of the children in the audience shed tears. Some of them fainted. And, some of the students silently plotted vengeance in their minds. A group of men that included the school principal, court judges, other school officials, the local baker, and the man of the hour(the one responsible for the victim’s stoning), were present on the stage of the auditorium.
Principal Baasim Udeen excitedly came to the front of the stage and began the announcement on the microphone, gleefully announcing, « Kids, parents, and all of those concerned! This is a special rock session! »
« Faakhir Faarooq is the one responsible today for this one! He even brought a D.J.! Faakhir,  you have the honor of hosting this show, » the principal continued.
Faakhir then came to the podium and made an announcement.
« Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to introduce you to D.J. Twix! Hit it, D.J.!, » commanded Faakhir Faarooq. After this command a spotlight was cast on the d.j. as he began to expertly scratch and spin a record on the turntable. The song that was chosen was « Rock Steady » by The Whispers. All of the men on the srage began to dance and enjoy themselves.
One man even moonwalked across the stage. Another guy fell off the stage because he got carried away dancing. « Hey, Ghaazi?!! This takes me back to our frat days back in the day!, » exclaimed another man onstage
After the song ended, the man of the hour and Principal Baasim Udeen thanked D.J. Twix and made another announcement. The announcement revealed the identity of the woman who was to be stoned.
It was Feerozah Hadith, Hamza Izz Udeen’s mother! Hearing this announement and seeing that it was his mother who was to be killed, Hamza screamed and ran to the front and center of the stage.

Then, he began clutching on his mother’s legs, pleading mercy for his mother’s life to be spared. In that next moment, the auditorium went pitch black. The sounds of loud screaming was deafening. Next, the ground opened.

More screaming occurred, followed by silence. No one knew where
to run. It seemed like the only logical thing to do was to jump into the darkness. Only the stage remained which consisted of the little boy Hamza Izz Udeen, his mother, all of the dancing men, and the man responsible for Feerozah’s stoning. Freezing knew exactly where Faakhir Faarooq was huddled on the stage.

She could feel the breath from his nostrils and literally smell his fear. So, she decided to use this very moment to take advantageof this situation. With a swift kick from one of her silk covered feet, Faakhir fell into the pit of darkness where he was crushed to death. As he fell, he thought that he took Feerozah with him.

Insteadof Feerozah, it was the group of dancing men. They linked hands with one another like a chain. One hour later the shaking stopped. There were only two survivors: Feerozah and her son. The city of Kismayo suffered an earthquake that was 12 on the Richter scale.

Both mother  and son emerged from the rubble by feeling their way out of the darkness of the school building. Once they made it safely out of the building, they were astonished. The only buildings that remained standing in this  city were banks and grocery stores.

Since they were the only two survivors, they   quickly ran to an abandoned Hummer. This vehicle was filled with gas and keys in the ignition. Feerozah removed the keys and ushered her son into the bank, where both filled sacks full of cash and coins.

Next, Feerozah drove her son to four grocery stores, where she shopped like she never shopped before in her life. Feerozah thought about moving to New Guinea. But, she feared that she and her son would have an even lower survival rate, due to falsely being accused of being a sorcerer if she lives to become an old lady, or anything under the sun, because too many people over there are too superstitious. Furthermore, those tribes still live in the dark ages regarding their beliefs.As a result, Feerozah drove herself and her son for a total of 5,077 miles into Algiers, Algeria, where it was better. Especially since stoning is not allowed.
To continue, Ferozah had friends in Algeria. Lucky for her, she and her son were able to stay with her friends until a home was purchased. Although she shared some of the groceries that were acquired through Earthquake Sasquatch, Feerozah remained tight lipped about the money she collected from the bank.
Life was going to be good. (to be continued)…

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