Llewelyn’s Crows (A Poetic Story Series)

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I  Cannot (A Historical Fictitious Poem) There are so many emotions to feel, yet not enough words to express them. Only a few escaped to the surface. The rest are so deep that they flow like a neverending river that some want to enter and take a swim. My present life is the way it is due to… Continuer de lire Llewelyn’s Crows (A Poetic Story Series)

The Death of LikeUB

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LikeUb closing down due to pressure Translated from French Hello to you all, We, the founders of LikeUb, partners, employees and investors have the regret to announce the end of LikeUb. We finally closed on this day of December 27. He lived, met tens of thousands of users made about him, led the praise and criticism for 10 months. 10… Continuer de lire The Death of LikeUB