Fun Fact of the Day

No, she didn’t! Yes, she did guys and gals! Madonna got a « cake »! Madonna got a booty like Nicki Minaj and Ice T.’s Coco! I happened to be checking up on my Google+ updates and there it was!: a picture of  » Madge » facing her fans in her last concert. The entire clothed backside of the swimsuit-like clad « cakes »! Yes! There it was in all … Continuer de lire Fun Fact of the Day

Horrible News of the Day

Pizza Hut no longer serves breaded bone in chicken wings! Oh, my fucking God! My Saint Patrick’s Day has already been fucked up in sooooo many ways, so I decided that I would get Blue Bell green pistachio ice cream and Pizza Hut quepapas and Hawaiian wings(breaded and bone in). Well, I saw the word « traditional » and figured that it is my usual breaded and … Continuer de lire Horrible News of the Day