The Insecure Writers Group: April 2016

Well, I have been really busy. What is going on my fellow writing peers? I am doing more movie reviews this time. However, I do wish that there were more chances for indie movies to be reviewed alongside the regular big movies, because I would not mind doing at least three or four movie reviews a week. It is really disappointing signing up for a … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writers Group: April 2016

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Movie Review: Midnight Special

Well, over a week ago I went to a screening of the movie Midnight Special. I was really excited, too. The synopsis sounded really good. Finally, I made it to the Angelika movie theater in Dallas, TX, after experiencing several near collisions by some crazy drivers. Boy! I swear that some people just do not belong behind of a wheel of any vehicle, period! Anywho, … Continuer de lire Movie Review: Midnight Special

Funny Things That Kids Say Sometimes

We just came from getting some things from Taco Cabana and noticed that there there is a horrible trend going on in Texas: fast food places and restaurants are putting rice in burritos and taco salads! Ewwww! Anyway, after we pulled out of the Taco Cabana parking lot, my niece said, « Let’s see. There is beans and rice in the burrito. What if they put … Continuer de lire Funny Things That Kids Say Sometimes