Movie Review: Midnight Special

Working on getting snacks at the premier

Well, over a week ago I went to a screening of the movie Midnight Special. I was really excited, too. The synopsis sounded really good. Finally, I made it to the Angelika movie theater in Dallas, TX, after experiencing several near collisions by some crazy drivers. Boy! I swear that some people just do not belong behind of a wheel of any vehicle, period!

Anywho, Chef Olivette Lee and I entered the Angelika and stood in line(I stood in line while Chef Olivette purchased the snacks). After that, we did everything else that we needed to do before we went through a security check. Then, bam!

We were ready to watch the movie!


PG-13.   112 minutes. Grade that I gave this movie: B



« The government and a group of religious extremists pursue a man(Michael Shannon)and his son(Jaeden Lieberher), a young boy who possesses special powers. »-source:


Director: Jeff Nichols

Screenplay: Jeff Nichols

Music composed by: David Wingo

Producers: Sarah Green, Brian Kavanaugh Jones

Category: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi




Kirsten Dunst: Sarah

Michael Shannon: Roy

Joel Edgerton: Lucas

Adam Driver: Sevier

Jaeden Lieberher: Alton

Sam Shepard: Calvin Meyer

Paul Sparks: Agent Miller

Bill Camp: Doak

David Jensen: Elden

Dana Michelle Courtier: Sharon Davison

Kerry Cahill: Agent Linda

Sharon Landry: Marriage

Sean Bridger’s: Frederick

Scott Haze: Levi

James Dumont: Base Comman

Sharon Garrison: Jane Adams

Yvonne Landry: Motel Clerk

Justin Lebrun: Cult Member

Allison King: Hannah

Garrett Hines: F.B.I. Agent #2

Wayne Pe`re: Prison F.B.I. Agent

Ann Mahoney: F.B.I. Agent #1


When I saw the beginning of this movie, I was like « oh shit!: another Quaker looking old fogie church bullshit movie! How in the fuck does the sci-fi shit fit in? »

Yep. That is exactly what I thought whenever I saw women dressed like old hag’s from Little House On the Prairie. To continue, I hung onto hope and remained seated, hoping that I was not going to get pissed off and start feeling that I got hoodwinked by reading a description that didn’t seem right. Finally, the sci-fi stuff started happening. It looked like lightning bolts or blue laser beams came from this boy’s eyes.

Then, I started thinking. Different parts of this movie reminded me of a Stephen King movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and the little boys character (Alton)reminded me of Cyclops from the X-men series.

Keeping this in mind, I am not going to spoil the movie for the millions of you guys who have yet to see it.

So, come on out and watch the film. It is interesting! And, it is playing in movie theaters across the U.S. and possibly beyond. Enjoy!





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