R.I.P. Larhonda Marzette: Part II

(continued)…. Larhonda lived with her mom and dad in the very back of N.S.U.’s Hillside Apartments. My family and I lived in apartment 2D(the very front apartment). Larhonda and I hit it right off! She wasn’t that much older than me. She had a lot of stories to tell me, too. Also, she had her own record collection, had cool cousins, a cool aunt, dad, … Continuer de lire R.I.P. Larhonda Marzette: Part II

The Insecure Writer’s Group: April 2019

This month has been the most difficult month by far.😞I submitted over 200 job applications. This includes turning some in to temp companies as well.😓Until I obtain a vehicle, I have to work at least within a ten mile radius from where I stay. Once I get a cash vehicle I will be able to venture further out and be able to work wherever I … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: April 2019

My Best Friend’s Funeral

My sister’s cat is feral. This month is my best friend’s funeral. I will not lie. How did she die? On one of her pages I decided to look. The last time that I chatted with her was this month(April 2019)on Facebook. Was it something that someone said? If it was, did she have a heart attack that caused her to wind up dead? Damn, … Continuer de lire My Best Friend’s Funeral