Headdress Made of Feathers

Sexy pumps made out of leather. The lady’s name is Heather. We are having beautiful weather. My jacket is made of pleather. Everything looks fantastic! No one wants to wash the dishes. So, all of the silverware is made of plastic. This is so classic. The pickles are Vlassic. The store up the street has too many high prices. All we wanted was to purchase … Continuer de lire Headdress Made of Feathers

Question of the Day

Wouldn’t it be insane to get your spouse through a vending machine? There would be pictures of your future spouse with a piece of paper. The receiving end would receive a phone call to stand inside of the vending machine in their « Sunday’s best », and step out of the vending machine. It would be a vending machine that operates like an elevator. The only question … Continuer de lire Question of the Day

Did You Have Popcorn Today?

Who got to laugh and play? Did things go your way today? Did you have the last say? If you had Burger King, did you have it your way? Back in the day I worked many shifts. Way back when, Native Americans presented many gifts. Also, back in those days many people were not born. Did you know that one of those gifts from some … Continuer de lire Did You Have Popcorn Today?

Do You Think About the Pilgrims When You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Today is Thanksgiving. On this day for a number of hours there are not a lot of people who are out and about. There are some stragglers who rush to the store for some last minute shopping. It is frustrating when those shelves are empty and the food you need is out. That last minute shopping can turn out to be a fright. Especially, when … Continuer de lire Do You Think About the Pilgrims When You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Are You Going to Buy A Turkey?

It is almost turkey time! It is wise not to spend your last dime. Some people are not in the mood. Not everyone eats home made food. During Halloween time, there are so many stories about house haunts. Now, around Thanksgiving time, some individuals and families need to eat at fast food restaurants. It is not being lenient. In most cases, it is just way … Continuer de lire Are You Going to Buy A Turkey?

What Is for Dessert?

Look out! Your friend is wearing a skirt. I think that she wore it to impress your brother Kurt. Move, move, move out of my way! I must check the oven, because I do not want to eat burned cheese toast another day! Let’s see here. We now have 12 apples. That was a gift from Bobby. Jeremy brought us some sushi and added a … Continuer de lire What Is for Dessert?