Why, man?

Why did you do it?


I was the only one who had more faith in you.

It happened fast like the blink of an eye.

You are only eighteen!

That is too young to already be knocked up by a guy!🥺😒

Now, you say that you don’t know how it happened and why you did it.

Everything seemed okay last year.

But now…..man…this shit really quick.

I had really high hopes for you.

Now, you have joined countless others of becoming another statistic.😥

I guess you were thinking, « Why not? I babysit everyone else’s baby! »

Young lady, young lady, young lady!🤦😥😥🥺

I think about how young you are and the times when I kept you as a toddler.

That was not long ago.


Your childhood is now cut short.

You fucked up.

And, all I want to do is cry.

Man, why?

I ssee and hear you with that thang over there, whom is an overgrown man.

You are not ready, bruh.

Everything about you screams straight kid!

Man,  I still cannot believe what you did.

What what were you thinking, « I don’t know….maybe? »

This shit is crazy.

All I ccan do is just shake my head.

I know that you have regrets.

We all just have to grin falsely and bare.

Utter how you really feel?

I know you would not dare.

Man, you are just a kid!

You are an innocent being!

It is going to take a long time for this shit to digest concerning what you did.😑

Your mom is too young to be a grandparent.

She took the news like a champ!💪💪💪👊

She still smiles.

I guess she is okay.

Because nine months from now, both you and your mom will be giving birth, anyway.


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