We Have Lost Too Many People

We have lost too many people: from our dear loved ones to celebs of the world. Right now I am going to talk about the long and overdue needs of those in the arts and entertainment industry. Those needs have been overlooked, met halfway, and just totally neglected and/or non-existent for the most part.😢🤦There needs to be a program or something put in place for … Continuer de lire We Have Lost Too Many People

Question of the Day

What do you think about people not being required to have electricity service on in their home(s)? There are pros and cons concerning this. The pros is: one less bill. The cons: there may be a safety concern. That safety concern might involve critters, pest, and other animals that may end up invading your home in the dark. Can you imagine living in the state … Continuer de lire Question of the Day