The Achievements of Virginia Elaine Lee

This piece was originally published over two years ago. Someone on LinkedIn invited me to be a contributing writer on their site. They told me that I could write anything that I wanted. I was upfront with them that I do not write political content and they said that it was O.K. Once my reader count reached over 100,000 views, they removed my article, telling … Continuer de lire The Achievements of Virginia Elaine Lee

Thank You, Mom!

Hello one and all. This includes my computer fam. One day I was browsing on Instagram. I read what one Canadian actress had to say. It was so touching that it made me feel some type of way. Like fingertips, it touched my mind and traveled down to my heart like a trail. As I write this poem, the tears fall down like a well. … Continuer de lire Thank You, Mom!