Angel Wants a Cup of Hot Chocolate

« Come and see me at the mansion, my dear. » Plastasia pretended that she could not hear. Platasia replied, « I cannot today. I must wash my clothes and buy some detergent. » However, the old, tired, and weary voice on the other end of the line this time sounded really urgent. « Okay, » Plastasia began to say. Then, she told her grandmother that she was headed her way. … Continuer de lire Angel Wants a Cup of Hot Chocolate

You Got Corona Virus??!!!!😯😮🤯🤯🤯

Good lawd!       Who’s dead?       This is going around sight unseen, infecting more people: more than by the hundred!       O.K. Some people have some time to unwind.       Ideas are spinning.       Questions come forth, because there are concerns on the mind.       One is not at their best.     … Continuer de lire You Got Corona Virus??!!!!😯😮🤯🤯🤯