The Good Liar Movie Review

Rated: R Release Date: November 15th, 2019 Genre: Drama, Thriller Run time: 1 hour and 49 minutes Reference: « Consummate con man Roy Courtnay has set his sights on his latest mark: the recently widowed Betty McLeish, worth millions. But, this time, what should have been a simple swindle escalates into a cat and mouse game with the ultimate stakes. » Starring: Helen Mirren(Betty McLeish) and … Continuer de lire The Good Liar Movie Review

New Russian Film Release of the Day

Movie: The Conquest of Siberia Release: February 21st, 2019 Genre: Historical, Drama Director: Igor Zaitsev Cast: Ilya Malanin, Dmitri Dyuzhev, Yekaterina Guseva, Dmitry Nazarov, Pavel Tabakov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Andrey Burkovskiy, and Agata Muceniece. « This film is based on the Russian conquest of Siberia. » Reference: Continuer de lire New Russian Film Release of the Day