Cold Case Games

You know, I was really thinking about that Malaysian plane that no one can seem to find.Unsolved cases piss me off.So, last week I came up with this idea. There should be a T.V. that is an actual contest dealing with unsolved, kidnapping, and cold cases. This contest should involve the best investigators, government agencies, and specialists from around the world. Teams of so many … Continuer de lire Cold Case Games

Game of Clues

Real Life Game of Clues: Detective Exercise Number 1 To those who can solve this real life scenario, you get a free copy of two childrens books(A Dot’s Adventure and Who’s My Daddy?), a novel, and an entertainment opinion guide(Rock Your Cock: An Opinion Guide for Gold Digger Victims). There will be ten winners(first ten who guess this correctly). Here is your clue to solve: … Continuer de lire Game of Clues