Gross! She Was Caught In Bed With A Nigga! She Had A Nigga In the House!

It’s the middle of the night. There is not a single roach in the house. You couldn’t even hear a pin drop. All were quiet as a church mouse. Everyone was tucked away in their beds until……gross! She was caught in bed with a nigga! She had a nigga in the house! I never knew that this day would come! My sweet and innocent little … Continuer de lire Gross! She Was Caught In Bed With A Nigga! She Had A Nigga In the House!

Bad Girlz

I do the follow4follow thing for blogs (you follow me and I will follow you back). One individual followed me first. I thought that was soooo fucking cool. They have an interesting blog on tumblr. In this blog, shemales are taking care of business. These are neo shemales! All of them have surgical pussies!  I mean they were gettin’ down! Anywho, I looked at all … Continuer de lire Bad Girlz

The Bible Belt

Man, there is no such thing as a « bible belt » state. If there were, none of these so called bible belt states would not recognize common law marriage. All that shit is is two people playing house and fucking! And, if they have a family, that’s just living footloose and fancy free. Continuer de lire The Bible Belt

Passing Her By

Food is rationed.  There is no passion. Sing « ABC ». Be careful so you will not get an STD. Even in her dark brown skin she is judged. She claims « other » as her race. A cop is called while she is begging for money, so that she can feed her face. Life is passing her by as a loved one helps another who has constantly hurt … Continuer de lire Passing Her By

Twerk Alert!

Welp!  The « twerk » ho is still on the loose. She has twerked in the grocery store,  On Martin Luther King, Jr.’s gravesite (I heard), in a « blue man group » costume, and in other locations. I have yet to see her twerk on Youtube on Hugh Hefner, on a police officer (while he’s in uniform and on duty), with Hugh Grant, at the white house, with … Continuer de lire Twerk Alert!