R.I.P. LaRhonda Marzette: Part III

(continued)…. I moved back to Oklahoma. This time I lived in Tulsa. So did LaRhonda! We were both in a bad place in life. It turned out that a cousin of LaRhonda’s with a baby named Oscar, stayed in the same shelter that I did!😳 I had taken her significant other to apply at the Hilton hotel downtown and he made me late picking up … Continuer de lire R.I.P. LaRhonda Marzette: Part III

R.I.P. Larhonda Marzette: Part II

(continued)…. Larhonda lived with her mom and dad in the very back of N.S.U.’s Hillside Apartments. My family and I lived in apartment 2D(the very front apartment). Larhonda and I hit it right off! She wasn’t that much older than me. She had a lot of stories to tell me, too. Also, she had her own record collection, had cool cousins, a cool aunt, dad, … Continuer de lire R.I.P. Larhonda Marzette: Part II


And the results are……….I don’t know yet! Just two days ago I happened to be browsing the internet when I found out that both Sheri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy will no longer be on the show called The View. Damn! That’s some shit! First, a messiah sent Rosie O’Donnell to save that damn show. Then, whoever was responsible fired her ass! All because of that … Continuer de lire Bitchfest

What’s My Name? Say It, Again Juicy!

Sunday November 17th I watched two and a half movies (part of one movie and two whole movies). I watched  part of Elysium, 2 Guns(my second time watching it), and Baggage Claim. Elysium (the ending I watched) seemed pretty good. Of course 2 Guns  was good. But, I really, really wanted to watch Baggage Claim. So, I did. And, I really enjoyed the film. Some … Continuer de lire What’s My Name? Say It, Again Juicy!

Dropping Your Ass Like It’s Hot

You know, Facebook has a lot more surprises than one « can shake a stick at ». Anyway,  I was browsing around and shit and every now and then, I love browsing Al B. Sure’s fan page. I mean, this man has it totally together in one package! Any way, I saw that he shared a photo of Spock. Well, after a shared a couple of photos, … Continuer de lire Dropping Your Ass Like It’s Hot