And the results are……….I don’t know yet! Just two days ago I happened to be browsing the internet when I found out that both Sheri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy will no longer be on the show called The View. Damn! That’s some shit! First, a messiah sent Rosie O’Donnell to save that damn show. Then, whoever was responsible fired her ass! All because of that … Continuer de lire Bitchfest

Shake Yo Ass! : Part IV

I made two trips to Canada in the past. In 2007 I went to Toronto,  Ontario Canada and turned back around, satisfied with what I saw. As a result,  I made plans to return back there in the future so I can go to school. In 2008 I decided to take the straight route to get to Canada by driving straight through Oklahoma, further up … Continuer de lire Shake Yo Ass! : Part IV

The Rusty Nail

Is it me? Or, has anyone noticed that eventhough children still have only a few public places to play at (where people pay to play, like Cuck E. Cheese, Dave n’ Busters, etc.), the elderly don’t have fun places to play at at all such as the examples above that are age appropriate. Sure there is bingo, casinos, strip clubs, and local YMCA’s. However, there … Continuer de lire The Rusty Nail