Why, man? Why did you do it? Shit! I was the only one who had more faith in you. It happened fast like the blink of an eye. You are only eighteen! That is too young to already be knocked up by a guy!🥺😒 Now, you say that you don’t know how it happened and why you did it. Everything seemed okay last year. But … Continuer de lire 🤦

Smile of the Sphinx

Time is frozen. The clock’s hands will never begin. Unless….Me•hu°z^a°s∆shep arrives in the flesh to pay her respects. God forbid. All she has to do is pass one pyramid. Her pilgrimage is not Mecca. She wants to pet a lynx. Things will go back to normal upon her arrival. Then, she will have that Cheshire cat smile of the Sphinx. Continuer de lire Smile of the Sphinx