Fun: Part III

(continued)…. As Theodore walked closer to the castle, he began saying to himself, « Man! This is the most candy that I have ever received in my whole life! And, with ease! Yet, everyone ran like hell. » « Oh well. » Theodore continued talking. But, this time he addressed the costume clad crew who stood before him. »  » Okay. You guys must be some bad mother fuckers. » One … Continuer de lire Fun: Part III

Man’s Best Friend

Life was comfortable and cozy for Brog. However, his stepdaughter was going to college, so her needed to get rid of her dog. He wanted more time with his wife. Keeping the pet would have been a pain in the ass. So, there was no need for it to stay. The dog was well groom and well cared for. Brog knew that his stepdaughter’s dog … Continuer de lire Man’s Best Friend

Demon Dick: Part III

(continued)…….. For the first time in her life, Peggy was wrong about guessing a single man’s ethnicity. Nor could she find words to talk. For fourteen days, she had trouble sitting down. Her pussy was sore. And, she definitely could not ride the bus downtown. Alfred fucked her pussy graveyard black and blue. It took Peggy over five years to feel horny. There was no … Continuer de lire Demon Dick: Part III

Angel Wants a Cup of Hot Chocolate

« Come and see me at the mansion, my dear. » Plastasia pretended that she could not hear. Platasia replied, « I cannot today. I must wash my clothes and buy some detergent. » However, the old, tired, and weary voice on the other end of the line this time sounded really urgent. « Okay, » Plastasia began to say. Then, she told her grandmother that she was headed her way. … Continuer de lire Angel Wants a Cup of Hot Chocolate

The Insecure Writer’s Group: October 2020

Did anyone attend the Peace Festival in Papua, New Guinea? Will it be bigger than the 1960’s Woodstock Peace Festival? Hmmmmm……I wonder. Next, happy early Halloween! Trick-o-treat!😁😁😀😀😄🎆🎆🎆 Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: October 2020

Death Dust

It had been almost two years since Elwelynn went on the worst ride. Too many strangers paid her a visit from the dark side. She was no longer a millionaire. As a result, no family member told her about what happened to one particular relative. Elwelynn was left in the projects without being informed without a care. She kept in mind that a lot of … Continuer de lire Death Dust

The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

This fictitious story is based on a true story and a short tweet that was on someone’s profile. She claimed that her head was put on someone else’s body. My story just combines the two into a possibly totally twisted story. References: I may have to dig for this young lady’s tweet. However, it was unique. After I read that tweet, I had to … Continuer de lire The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

Mirror, Mirror, On the Pendulum

THIS ORIGINAL STORY IS for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT     Take a look! It all started one day on Facebook. I hate the cereal called Fruit Loops! Just like most « psychics », she was in to make some money. However, there was a problem. You had to be « an approved psychic ». Isn’t that shit kind of funny? It was going to be « the lick » However, in less … Continuer de lire Mirror, Mirror, On the Pendulum