Election Day Holiday Party!

Well, ladies and gentlemen! Today is the eve of election day! Election day is tomorrow! What do you think about this, folks?! Tomorrow is the day that you will be electing the new president of the United States of America! Are you excited?!! People are partying today and tomorrow! Election Day parties are being held all over the place! This historical event is bigger than … Continuer de lire Election Day Holiday Party!

Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 7

7): Amidst controversy, presidential hopeful, celebrity, entrepreneur, and more, Donald J. Trump is not afraid to voice his opinion, use his right to freedom of speech, face the heat, criticism, and trashy headlines that are and have been posted in the media, etc. He continues on like a champ to campaign right along with the other Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls.Just read all of the … Continuer de lire Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 7

Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 5

5): Donald John Trump has foreign relations experience and knows how to negotiate! Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump   and   https://sucesssynonym.com/donald-trump/ Continuer de lire Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 5

Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 4

4): Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is a businessman.   Sources: http://www.trump.com   and   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump P.S. So far, he has not discriminated against people he has hired based on race or creed, because he definitely has mexicans, hispanics, and other nationalities working for him. Source: Me. I recently stayed at the Trump Towers in Las Vegas, Nevada and upon my departure, I did see mexicans … Continuer de lire Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 4

Seven Days of Trump

Although I have mentioned before that I do not care for politics, nor do I usually put political related anything in my posts, there are two individuals who are an exception: Democratic Party Candidate/ Presidential hopeful, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Party Candidate/Presidential hopeful Mr. Donald John Trump. In this and six other blog posts I am writing about Donald Trump. This is why … Continuer de lire Seven Days of Trump

Shake Yo Ass! : The Final Chapter

All in all,  some day (if not soon) those who run for office may have to start stripping down to their bare essentials and maybe obtain their position by participating in some type of pageant or something.  Actually,  to me that’s not a bad idea. It pretty much sounds like everyone who runs for any type of political office sounds like they are full of … Continuer de lire Shake Yo Ass! : The Final Chapter