The Book of Henry Review

This past Tuesday I attended the premiere of The Book of Henry. It was a relief to see that the line to see this film was not overly long.Procedures there were a little strict at this screening, for the simple fact that everyone had to get rid of their cell phones, period, before entering into the theater room! Next, everyone entered and sat down. I … Continuer de lire The Book of Henry Review

Thanksgiving 2015’s #1 Movie

The #1 box office movie for T+hanksgiving 2015 is none other than Sylvester Stallone’s movie Creed. Tonight is the movie premiere of Creed. If you’re a « die hard » Rocky fan, you « gotta love Creed! » Sylvester Stallone brought a little « flava » with this movie. I love boxing and I love Creed! However, I will not spoil this movie for you by telling you any juicy tidbits … Continuer de lire Thanksgiving 2015’s #1 Movie

Madea Meets Mrs. Doubtfire!

I just read on Facebook that there is going to be a sequel to the movie Mrs. Doubtfire! I read even further that Robin Williams is going to be in it, again. Cool! As I was looking at the photo of Robin Williams playing Mrs. Doubtfire, I then began thinking: After this sequel is made, maybe Tyler Perry and the writers of Mrs. Doubtfire can … Continuer de lire Madea Meets Mrs. Doubtfire!

The Spatula Chronicles

I feel like ragging on somebody. So, I decided to rag on Oscar Pistorius. Yeah, that’s right. The « spatula runner ». I guess his case continues and may continue for quite some time. I don’t know if I am correct, but…wasn’t his girlfriend pregnant at the time of her murder?  You know,  the whole thing is just incredulous. I mean here this dude is with one … Continuer de lire The Spatula Chronicles

One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres!(continued)…

To continue, here are some things that were discussed on the question and answer session after the premiere: A) This show actually has bloopers. B) The actor who plays Turturro likes playing an agent who has assignments involving having many occupations. C) There was one cool thought was mentioned: no one wants to see ugly people solving crimes. D) Graceland was named by a criminal … Continuer de lire One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres!(continued)…

One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres! (continued and revised)..

All kinds of questions ran through my mind. I was not sure if it was going to be like a true/false scenario type of show that I watched in the past or what. Another question I had was like, « Was it going to be an Unsolved Mysteries type of show?, Dragnet type, what? » Once I got through the horrible traffic off Highway 75 and arrived … Continuer de lire One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres! (continued and revised)..