New 2019 Russian Film Release for December

Movie: Union of Salvation Release: December 26th, 2019 Genre: Historical, War, & Adventure Director: Andrei Kravchuk Cast: Leonid Bichevin, Maksim Matveyev, Pavel Priluchny, Ivan Yankovsky, Anton Shagin, Ivan Kolesnikov, Igor Petrenko, Aleksei Guskov, Sergey Koltakov, Aleksandr and Ustyugov. « Based on the historical narrative of the Decembrist Revolt and the Union of Salvation and Viking(film), a 2016 historical film by Andrei Kravchuk. » Reference: Reference:// Continuer de lire New 2019 Russian Film Release for December

Italian Movie of the Day

Movie: Momenti di trascurabile felicita´ Genre: Comedy 93 minutes Director: Daniele Luchetti Writers: Francesco Piccolo(novel) and Daniele Luchetti Cast: Pif, Thony, Renato Carpentieri, Fancesco Giammarco, Angelica Alleruzzo, Vincenzo Ferrera, Franz Cantalupo, Manfredi Pannizzo, and Chiara Vinci. Reference: Continuer de lire Italian Movie of the Day

Thanksgiving 2015’s #1 Movie

The #1 box office movie for T+hanksgiving 2015 is none other than Sylvester Stallone’s movie Creed. Tonight is the movie premiere of Creed. If you’re a « die hard » Rocky fan, you « gotta love Creed! » Sylvester Stallone brought a little « flava » with this movie. I love boxing and I love Creed! However, I will not spoil this movie for you by telling you any juicy tidbits … Continuer de lire Thanksgiving 2015’s #1 Movie