Fun: Part IV

(continued)……….. Theodore was only concerned about someone trying to steal all of this candy. All of those bags were his to keep. Afterwards, he fell asleep. 8:00 A.M. the next morning, Theodore felt like a million bucks. Was it Christmas already? No. It was not. Shucks! Upon awakening, he turned to his left. He felt dandy. The night before, he picked up bags and bags … Continuer de lire Fun: Part IV

Fun: Part III

(continued)…. As Theodore walked closer to the castle, he began saying to himself, « Man! This is the most candy that I have ever received in my whole life! And, with ease! Yet, everyone ran like hell. » « Oh well. » Theodore continued talking. But, this time he addressed the costume clad crew who stood before him. »  » Okay. You guys must be some bad mother fuckers. » One … Continuer de lire Fun: Part III

The Sleeping Contract

Elijah and his crew were at it, again. Before they headed out of town to commit more heinous crimes, all of them listened to Evanescence and Curt Cobain. For a while they were deep into the music rhythm. Afterwards, they gathered electronic devices for experimental hypnotism. Mostly everything was located in the glove compartment. The group was almost there. It was Delfina’s apartment. There she … Continuer de lire The Sleeping Contract

Hazel Eyes

Linda’s white cat was nice. Yet, it was serious. Linda’s white cat was regular in the day. But, at night it was mysterious. The cat was quiet. It never went too far. However, one night something strange happened. It was found mangled up under the hood of Linda’s friend’s car! Her friend had to unwrap the cat from around the engine. Boy, did he stress … Continuer de lire Hazel Eyes

Man’s Best Friend

Life was comfortable and cozy for Brog. However, his stepdaughter was going to college, so her needed to get rid of her dog. He wanted more time with his wife. Keeping the pet would have been a pain in the ass. So, there was no need for it to stay. The dog was well groom and well cared for. Brog knew that his stepdaughter’s dog … Continuer de lire Man’s Best Friend

Demon Dick: Part III

(continued)…….. For the first time in her life, Peggy was wrong about guessing a single man’s ethnicity. Nor could she find words to talk. For fourteen days, she had trouble sitting down. Her pussy was sore. And, she definitely could not ride the bus downtown. Alfred fucked her pussy graveyard black and blue. It took Peggy over five years to feel horny. There was no … Continuer de lire Demon Dick: Part III

Demon Dick: Part II

(continued)………………………………….. She was a broke down girl. Alfred tried to get Peggy to be a trick. Peggy was not that type of woman. It was not her way. Okay? Both of them met at a drug store called Schtick. The store lights went dim. And, the chances of Alfred leaving Peggy alone were slim. Next, Alfred moved toward…… Peggy moved the opposite way. Fast forward. … Continuer de lire Demon Dick: Part II

Fucked Up

Now, she laid down to sleep. After death, Jehovah takes our spirits to keep. Where to begin? Do you like tea? Sleep is a natural thing. And, one is supposed to sleep uninterrupted and peacefully without thinking about safety. Carly went to sleep on the living room floor. As she slept peacefully, someone evil unlawfully picked through her front door. Strike a pose. The trespasser … Continuer de lire Fucked Up

Dracula Came Knocking

One. Two. His eyes were blue. Three. It was Christie that he wanted to see. Fine as a model, now leads us to four. Christie opened the door. Five. His fine ass started talking jive. Six. He stripped Christie naked and played with her pussy like a bowl of Trix. Seven. He started licking on sucking on Christie’s neck. He was so skillful that she … Continuer de lire Dracula Came Knocking

Angel Wants a Cup of Hot Chocolate

« Come and see me at the mansion, my dear. » Plastasia pretended that she could not hear. Platasia replied, « I cannot today. I must wash my clothes and buy some detergent. » However, the old, tired, and weary voice on the other end of the line this time sounded really urgent. « Okay, » Plastasia began to say. Then, she told her grandmother that she was headed her way. … Continuer de lire Angel Wants a Cup of Hot Chocolate