Fun: Part III

(continued)…. As Theodore walked closer to the castle, he began saying to himself, « Man! This is the most candy that I have ever received in my whole life! And, with ease! Yet, everyone ran like hell. » « Oh well. » Theodore continued talking. But, this time he addressed the costume clad crew who stood before him. »  » Okay. You guys must be some bad mother fuckers. » One … Continuer de lire Fun: Part III

Thief In the Plants

8 hours started to wane. « There he is, again! » Shelly looked here and there. Ms. Locke pointed towards the window. Shelly could not see « him ». So, she asked Ms. Locke, « Where? » This was happening in the middle of the night. So, Shelly turned on the light. Ms. Locke continued, « Can’t you see? » Shelly pointed to herself and asked, « Me? » In response, Ms. Locke pointed towards … Continuer de lire Thief In the Plants

Table of the Living and the Dead

It was beautiful outside. The grass was green and well mowed like golf course. Abby was confused, intrigued, and felt no remorse. Why was she there? There was sign of entry. Seeing the giant stone structure ahead of her brought her to another century. There was no greeting. No label. So, Abby stood a few yards back from the structure. A few more inches away … Continuer de lire Table of the Living and the Dead

The Last Meow

Two cats were moved. The location was a distance. There was no resistance. Days turned into months. There was no winner. Both fought for their dinner. Oh brother. The last meal was each other. Not even close to a ton. The calico cat won. The sweat fell off Hermes brow. Scissors, the calico cat fell dead of starvation. That was the last meow. Continuer de lire The Last Meow

The Sleeping Contract

Elijah and his crew were at it, again. Before they headed out of town to commit more heinous crimes, all of them listened to Evanescence and Curt Cobain. For a while they were deep into the music rhythm. Afterwards, they gathered electronic devices for experimental hypnotism. Mostly everything was located in the glove compartment. The group was almost there. It was Delfina’s apartment. There she … Continuer de lire The Sleeping Contract

Hazel Eyes: Part II: Angel of Light

Note: this image is not mine and can be found here: Hazel Eyes: Part II: Angel of Light Hazel Eyes(continued)…… Other times Linda’s cat was a fright. That happened at night. Look no more. The white cat magically appeared at night without walking through the house door. In the daytime the cat was white like a snowball, soft, and well groomed. At night the … Continuer de lire Hazel Eyes: Part II: Angel of Light

Seven Demons Waiting

It was going to be a long night. Things looked pretty good. Because, Kakila requested to be in the hood. There she lay. Mrs. May. The day before was a riot. But, in the house everything was nice and quiet. Kakila had a bag of toffee. And, on the side of her sat her favorite concoction of hot chocolate, cappuccino, and 7Eleven coffee. Kakila used … Continuer de lire Seven Demons Waiting

Fun: Part II

(continued) Theodore was now dressed. So, he gathered his things. And, he made up his mind that when he made it back home he would enjoy some honey barbecue chicken wings. Knock on wood. He was excited this Halloween night. Growing up, he never was allowed to trick-or-treat. He had an abnormal childhood. To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat. That is what Theodore began to … Continuer de lire Fun: Part II

Demon Dick: Part III

(continued)…….. For the first time in her life, Peggy was wrong about guessing a single man’s ethnicity. Nor could she find words to talk. For fourteen days, she had trouble sitting down. Her pussy was sore. And, she definitely could not ride the bus downtown. Alfred fucked her pussy graveyard black and blue. It took Peggy over five years to feel horny. There was no … Continuer de lire Demon Dick: Part III

Demon Dick: Part II

(continued)………………………………….. She was a broke down girl. Alfred tried to get Peggy to be a trick. Peggy was not that type of woman. It was not her way. Okay? Both of them met at a drug store called Schtick. The store lights went dim. And, the chances of Alfred leaving Peggy alone were slim. Next, Alfred moved toward…… Peggy moved the opposite way. Fast forward. … Continuer de lire Demon Dick: Part II