A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise: Part II

(continued)… And, if those family members do not want those items, then those items can be given to a clothing drive, or charity groups. Now, it was refreshing that Jermaine was given the chance to cook. And, maybe for the first time in his life he had to do his own scheduling. Wow. I guess that definitely was different since most likely the scheduling of … Continuer de lire A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise: Part II

A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise

(Revised from November 2016) Does anyone remember that sweet popcorn called Cracker Jacks? It was that sweet and filthy popcorn that I used to get as a kid. I enjoyed receiving it just to find out what neat surprise was in the box. Some surprises were well…..just downright shitty. There was even a time that I almost cried because my surprise was that shitty. It … Continuer de lire A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise


And the results are……….I don’t know yet! Just two days ago I happened to be browsing the internet when I found out that both Sheri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy will no longer be on the show called The View. Damn! That’s some shit! First, a messiah sent Rosie O’Donnell to save that damn show. Then, whoever was responsible fired her ass! All because of that … Continuer de lire Bitchfest

Jack In the Box

Man, I am currently watching Maury. I just watched this couple who never should have been a couple in the first place. There was this one fat lady who looked like she should have been in a Barnum and Bailey show. When she smiled she looked like a killer clown. The show was about another « I’m not the daddy » episode. The accused daddy was even … Continuer de lire Jack In the Box


My mom told me about spiderwoman today. After she did this, I said that there needs to be spiderwoman movies then. Yeah, mom told me that years ago there used to be a spiderwoman series. Continuer de lire Spiderwoman

Passing Her By

Food is rationed.  There is no passion. Sing « ABC ». Be careful so you will not get an STD. Even in her dark brown skin she is judged. She claims « other » as her race. A cop is called while she is begging for money, so that she can feed her face. Life is passing her by as a loved one helps another who has constantly hurt … Continuer de lire Passing Her By

Today’s Unknown Fact

Oscar the grouch is a character on the show called Sesame Street. He is also from the species called: monster, who is homeless and lives in a trash can. Definitely do not try to « dumpster dive » in this particular trash can on Sesame Street. This includes: children who want to dig in the trash to find « lost treasure ». I’m sure that if he were human … Continuer de lire Today’s Unknown Fact

One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres! (continued)…

Now, about the ugly people solving crimes part: Oh, yeah. It would be pretty fucked up to see a show with nothing but butt ugly people solving crimes. If this were ever to happen, I think there would have to be like something about each character that really stands out, like someone with boob shaped ears, another character with a Pinnochio nose, another with a … Continuer de lire One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres! (continued)…

One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres!(continued)…

To continue, here are some things that were discussed on the question and answer session after the premiere: A) This show actually has bloopers. B) The actor who plays Turturro likes playing an agent who has assignments involving having many occupations. C) There was one cool thought was mentioned: no one wants to see ugly people solving crimes. D) Graceland was named by a criminal … Continuer de lire One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres!(continued)…