We Have Lost Too Many People

We have lost too many people: from our dear loved ones to celebs of the world. Right now I am going to talk about the long and overdue needs of those in the arts and entertainment industry. Those needs have been overlooked, met halfway, and just totally neglected and/or non-existent for the most part.😢🤦There needs to be a program or something put in place for … Continuer de lire We Have Lost Too Many People

Thief In the Plants

8 hours started to wane. « There he is, again! » Shelly looked here and there. Ms. Locke pointed towards the window. Shelly could not see « him ». So, she asked Ms. Locke, « Where? » This was happening in the middle of the night. So, Shelly turned on the light. Ms. Locke continued, « Can’t you see? » Shelly pointed to herself and asked, « Me? » In response, Ms. Locke pointed towards … Continuer de lire Thief In the Plants

The Lights Are Off and Nobody Is Home

This photo does not belong to me. It can be found at: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-wood-carving-bird-unfinished-cardinal-image50138688 Some things in life can be quite puzzling. This is a fact that some may find. What is even more puzzling are diseases of the mind. Here we look at Cindy and Mindy. Temporarily, they work in Bethedra’s dome. The lights are on, but nobody is home. Shark. Not only is Bethedra’s … Continuer de lire The Lights Are Off and Nobody Is Home

Hazel Eyes: Part II: Angel of Light

Note: this image is not mine and can be found here: https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=crmas&p=white+cat+red+eyes+free+images Hazel Eyes: Part II: Angel of Light Hazel Eyes(continued)…… Other times Linda’s cat was a fright. That happened at night. Look no more. The white cat magically appeared at night without walking through the house door. In the daytime the cat was white like a snowball, soft, and well groomed. At night the … Continuer de lire Hazel Eyes: Part II: Angel of Light

Fun: Part II

(continued) Theodore was now dressed. So, he gathered his things. And, he made up his mind that when he made it back home he would enjoy some honey barbecue chicken wings. Knock on wood. He was excited this Halloween night. Growing up, he never was allowed to trick-or-treat. He had an abnormal childhood. To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat. That is what Theodore began to … Continuer de lire Fun: Part II

The Ghost & the Flying Ewok: Part III

(continued)…….. After that, he hit the road, Jack. However, there was another problem at hand. It was on this particular night. The ghost of Emory gave Evette and Ewok a fright. He(the ghost)wan wan the 1800’s ballerina dress and the second edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin back. That was not all. This happened before the fall. Where was Pee-Wee Herman? Also, there was an 1800’s … Continuer de lire The Ghost & the Flying Ewok: Part III

The Ghost & the Flying Ewok

« Let me in! » Evette rushed to the front door! She got stood up, again. Confused, she would remain. There it is, again! Another knock! This time, Evette ran to the back door. Then, she opened the screen door. No one was there! What a shock! Evette’s hope about her boyfriend showing up began to dwindle. And, the night was coming to an end. However, she … Continuer de lire The Ghost & the Flying Ewok

Old Booty & the Night Caller: Part IV

Cleo said that Shane was coy. However, Shane was way too nasty. As a result, Cleo called his best friend, who turned out to be Shane’s stepfather. Cleo spoke and said, « Come and get your boy! » That was the last time that Shane came to Maryland’s house. After that, things seemed to settle down and return to quietness, like a church mouse. Brad’s ex- friend. … Continuer de lire Old Booty & the Night Caller: Part IV

It Happened At Night

This is a list of Halloween story poems that you should look forward to this month: 1)Death Dust 2)Embrace the Dark Side 3)Floor of Snakes 4)Big Snake Waits 5)The Smoky Room 6)Black Eyes, White Skin 7)She Kept Dying 8)The Death Prayer 9)The Lights Are off and Nobody Is Home 10)Thief In the Plants 11)The Green Lady 12)Seance 13)Voodooghetti 14) Dracula Came Knocking 15)Seven Demons Waiting👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 … Continuer de lire It Happened At Night