The Outsider

Nothing was legit. Aryan continued to put up with people’s shit. She continued to hope that everything was going to be fine. However, she kept silently saying to herself, « These responsibilities are not mine. » Take a bow. Because,  she sure as hell didn’t know what was going on now. Everything remained a mess. Which led to her next question: « Am I to remain homeless? » Two … Continuer de lire The Outsider

Cold Case Games

You know, I was really thinking about that Malaysian plane that no one can seem to find.Unsolved cases piss me off.So, last week I came up with this idea. There should be a T.V. that is an actual contest dealing with unsolved, kidnapping, and cold cases. This contest should involve the best investigators, government agencies, and specialists from around the world. Teams of so many … Continuer de lire Cold Case Games